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Sympto Security

525,00 CHF each


You can pay for these 6 months either 525.- CHF or in 3 installments of 180 CHF each within three months: paying in installments  Please let us know via the message box that you have chosen this option.

You pay 180 CHF every month for 3 months so that you can enjoy 6 months of counseling. Your premium acces becomes non limited!

Or perhaps better: you chose 5 installments of 109 CHF.

You can discontinue your payments at any time if you are dissatisfied with your counseling or your premium access. Then your web access as well as your counseling expire at the end of the same month you made your last installment. For example : you have completed one month and make your second installment but in the second month you are no longer satisfied. In this case, you stop making payments and your counseling as well as your premium access expire at the end of your second month. However, once you have made all 3 installments in your first three months, your 6 months of premium access and counseling are secured !

Your Observation Goals:

 Tracking ovulation obs du cycle image, contraception: Efficacy guaranteed (the most advanced online charting system)  and conception (identifying your most fertile days) Pregnancy Journal, Breastfeeding   and Peri-Menopause Program 


Included in our offer 

>> Instruction for six months through the message box. Your personal counselor can see your work and validate your progress. This allows you to be sure of your charting even if contraception is your goal. Your counselor will check on your chart and answer any questions you have, twice per week. Take time to formulate your questions so that you can get the most out of your biweekly correspondence with your counselor. It is your counselor’s job to help you in your learning process. You can extend your personal counseling beyond these parameters but this must be arranged outside of this offer and at a price specified by your counselor. As soon as sympto notifies you, at the appearance of the 3 full stars in your chart, to contact your counselor you must get in touch with her through the message box. This communication tool assists you also when studying The Complete Symptothermal Guide. If you do not have time to study the Guide you will probably need additional counseling.  

>> Monthly discussion with my counselor. In addition to the message box exchange, your counselor can give you additional help, 20 minutes every months (6 times). In fact, every single counselor possesses additional qualifications valuable for women’s well-being. Take a look at our blog where you can check out our counselors’ profiles. Every woman is unique so you want counseling that is tailored to your needs.   


>> Illilited Web ACCESS on SYMPTO.ORG. You can work on your charts comfortably from your desk top computer of, new, with your smartphone, and save or print them. In this way, your charts become bonds of your fertility that you can share in groups and forums. You can email them confidentially to your OBGYN prior to appointments.

I want to continue with counseling after 6 months: ask any counselor yo find on!

I just want Web Access but no counseling: A non limited web access is already included in your Combo! 

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