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Sympto Daisy Premium (no follow up)

45,00 CHF each


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  • 180 days (6 months) of Premium desktop/web access on sympto with comprehensive chart interpretation, but without any individual coaching: 45 CHF. This Premium access upgrades also your app:
  • sympto Plus App for all smartphones. Transform your mobile phone into a the most powerful fertility indicator. Except for occasional synchroniziation of your data with your account, you do not need an Internet connection for the basic functions: you can use sympto wherever you are! You pay one symbolic price on the Google Play store for sympto PLUS and its unlimited access. From the AppStore or Windows store, you can download our free apps sympto free which also includes unlimited access but requires an internet connection.
  • With this premium access, your App is upgraded: you will be able to make pdf of your whole cycles on your App and print them out.
  • If you wish to use your Premium access more than 3 years, the Margarete will be cheaper for you: The 299 CHF Margarete will be profitable after 6.5 Daisies for 45 CHF in three and a half years! 

IOS iPhone iPad sympto PLUS, low price (Google Play), unlimited access                  Android sympto free (AppStore/ Windows), free, unlimited access

  • If you would like coaching by a symptothermal expert, sign up for the Daisy PLUS Learning Program, 175 CHF (or the payment by installement, 3 x 70 CHF)   icone consult
  • Goals: Fertility Awareness, ovulation tracking obs du cycle image, effective natural contraception contraception icone and achieving pregnancy by identiying your most fertile days conception icone, daily journaling during pregnancy, special programs for breastfeeding allaitement complet icone and for pre-menopause file
  • Safe storage of all charts, past (as far back as to 2000) and future. Ready to be stored or printed in PDF format. Your charts can be posted on online forums or sent to your gynecologist.