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Installment for sympto Learning program

60,00 CHF за шт.



Here's how you can pay monthly for your Learning plan and then upgrade to an unlimited Premium access.


Reminder on the Learning package


Thanks to the 6 months of follow-up on online messaging, the Foundation can guarantee the reliability of symptothermal contraception. With the learning package, you learn symptothermy with the manual and you validate your observations with your counselor via the ONLINE MESSENGER. Your contraception is thus secure. Thanks to your PREMIUM account, you have access to your cycles on, which allows you to post your entire cyclograms on the Symptothermia Facebook support group.


During the first months, you will have to adopt a protection method during the fertile phases, while you and your counselor are sure of your use of sympto. At the end of the six months, the foundation will issue you a CERTIFICATE attesting to your skills in managing your fertility. What is guaranteed is your autonomy which, according to us, will have been acquired in six months, if you have worked well!

How do I pay for my 6-month apprenticeship ?

You can monthlyize your apprenticeship offer by buying 1 MONTHLY PACKAGE per month, for three months, but you pay 5 CHF more (180 CHF in total) instead of 175 CHF by buying the apprenticeship sympto. For your first payment, please mention in your Sympto mailbox "I want to pay monthly for my apprenticeship offer". Each month, for three months, you will have to buy this monthly fee (double daisy) in order to benefit from the online messaging and the premium access. If you are not satisfied with the follow-up or the premium access, you can stop your payment and the services will stop at the end of the current month (the previous payments remain due). At the end of the third month, your learning package is financed and you continue to exchange information with your SYMPTO advisor for another three months. You will keep your PREMIUM access until the end of the six months.  

After my six months, I want to continue the online/web FOLLOW-UP and acquire unlimited web access

You can commit to a new Learning offer by buying back monthly payments. You will start again for 6 months of online follow-up at the end of which the foundation will offer you unlimited premium access! Yes, you read that right, if you have bought the equivalent of two Learning offers you will still have access to your personal account on

After my six months, I only want to keep my Web ACCESS

You don't need any more follow up, you just want to continue on your personal account on You have to pay 1 apprenticeship of 175 or 180 by 3 payments whether you need follow up or not, but experience made, the contact with your consultant during one year is always an asset and very useful: 

ABOUT THE PACKAGE, about Mobile Apps

 iPhone sympto stars, limited access for 30 days, then you have to pay for it, check the AppStore

  Andoid sympto stars, limited access for 30 days, then you have to pay, see Google play

NB: Our applications are not meant to be used to learn symptothermy with a counselor; they are for women who want to observe themselves alone, without any follow-up, at their own risk. If on the other hand you want to stay on sympto for years, you'd better take two Learning programs to have unlimited access to the web application (350 CHF). You will install your web application on your phone by a screen shortcut. This will cost less than paying for the app year after year.


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