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70,00 CHF each


You will learn the symptothermal method within 6 months of practice. You will know the basics well enough to be able to explain the method to your friends. You can easily achieve this competence because of regular communication with your personal sympto counselor and the teaching material on

You must provide a scan of an official document showing that you are under 19 years of age. This document will be immediatly destroyed after verification as the Foundatoin keeps its absolute commitment to confidentiality and protection of personal data. The Foundation does not do business with any personal data.

  • Goals:  No contraception: Fertility and Health Awareness, women empowerment, ovulation tracking
  • Temperature takings are optional! There is a cervical fluid only program too.
  • Quizzes after each cycle with your counselor for 6 months. You will receive a Star4Teens Certificate.
  • Limited access on 180 days (6 months)
  • sympto PLUS (Google Play) or sympto free (AppStore or Windows). Transform your mobile phone into a standalone Fertility indicator, the most powerful one available.

IOS iPhone iPad  sympto free: iPhone or windows, unlimited access, free, internet connection always required: web app.

 logo android  sympto PLUS, Android, low price, unlimited access, no internet requirement for basic functions: standalone.

Except for occasional synchronization of your sympto PLUS data with your account, you do not need an internet connection for the basic functions of the sympto PLUS app. You can use sympto PLUS wherever you are.

After the six months of use, you have special prices for Daisies (time limited counseling) and your Premium access (all features, with or without counseling). 

How does it work technically

  • Counseling by a symptothermal expert for 180 days for learning or improving your STM skills, without contraception goal! 
  • Safe storage of all charts, past and future. Ready for printing in pdf format. Your charts can be posted on Forums or sent to your gynecologist.