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Love Game


With 5 - 8 points (lifes) you will receive the booklet Symptothermal Basics, When sex and fertility become friends in pdf format onto your computer.

With 8 points you win 30 days of free access to sympto in order to extend your trial period. You have an unlimited number of Love Game trials in order to win the game, but you will receive the prize only once. 

- Your will not have free follow up during these 30 days (no Daisy! See our products.).

- Premium access to all sympto features, suited for every phase of your fertile life - from your first menstruations until menopause.

- Have all your cycle charts stored, even the old ones (from 2000 and on), ready to be printed in pdf and to be sent onto forums and your gynecologist;

- No access to Symptos bitcoins market.

Click here to play the web version. if you have any problem with your mobile phone, please go to the website to play the game.


here to play on your iPhone