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  • You wish to gain 30 days Premium on for a moment, you become our ambassador for some useful work

    1) You leave a positive message on Google Play or the AppStore and you copy your text into your message box.

    2) You send 4 sponsor-E-Mails (always 4 at the time) and you tell us on your message box that you have done it (there is not automatic release and your contacts are not obliged to open a sympto account): our counselor will switch on your 30 days Premium. In addition, you will receive a sympto booklet in pdf.

     Don't forget to tell your friends about this mail before or, better, once you have sent it.
  • Of course, all the emails you send are confidential. The Foundation will not use them for publicity and we do not sell any information either (see our legal reminder).

    In order to get to this page, you have to be registered at sympto, the registration is free of charge.  here