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Моля, вижте първо филма sympto easy, за да разберете тази страница по-добре!

Съвременният симптотермален метод няма нищо общо с остарелите календарни или температурни методи!

Менструация:1 ден обилна менструация goutte3 за начало на нов цикъл= 1 признак
Температура:+4 измервания на температурата в течение на не повече от 6 дни(зелена линия)
+ 3 дни на повишена температура след първите четири (на графиката се появяват 3 пълни звездички)=7 признака
Цервикална слуз:+2 знака за слуз, в комбинация, ясно показват, че е настъпил денят-пик(денят най-добър за зачеване). ОБЩО: 10 признака

With these 10 key observations, sympto can accurately determine your fertile window so you have the information you need to make smart reproductive choices. sympto uses the 10 signs in a cross-checking way: 3 days of higher temperatures, combined with 4 possible mucus combinations (batonbleu and trait or batonlong and trait or batonbleu and tachejaune or batonlong and tachejaune) indicate that you are past peak day and in the infertile part of your cycle. Cycles that do not contain these 10 elements or which remain in the first phase of the cycle, are not true cycles, but anovulatory passages.

The first sign, the goutte3 is easy to recognize. After this, you are infertile until the "Doring/Roetzer" Day, which is calculated according to your own individual trends but which is generally around Day 6 or 7 of your cycle.

By taking your temperature each morning before becoming active for the day, you record your waking temperature. The upward shift in temperature will be marked automatically by stars on your chart.

During your fertile phase you should check for mucus signs at least twice per day when you go to the bathroom. Read the icon descriptions carefully and select the best match for what you saw. If you observe more than one type or are unsure, select the most fertile option that seems correct for that day. Generally the stretchier and more liquid the mucus is, the more fertile it is.

While these 10 signs are really all that is needed each cycle, entering as much information as possible each day is recommended as it will give you the clearest picture of your overall fertility and reproductive health. Additionally, creating your individual cycle profile will allow sympto counselors to provide more accurate assistance specific to your individual situation.

You start in the default Companion Mode. There you enter your daily observations, even if you observe nothing you enter the icon for 'seen nothing' each time you enter a temperature reading. In Expert Mode you will no longer be required to do this, but it is still encouraged. Companion Mode also features many helpful messages from sympto to help you interpret your data and stay on track.

Don't forget that you can contact a sympto counselors at any time during your 15-day trial, and later on depending on which sympto package you buy. Please browse through the information on the website, and most importantly, download our free Learning Manual that will be your reference for all things symptothermal.

In conclusion: sympto is more precise that any symptothermal expert especially when dealing with complicated temperature rises. sympto is more effective for cross-checking the fertile signs and quicker in determining the Döring/Rötzer day. It is not a magic box, however, nor is it a medical device. It is an educational tool. You alone must know when to discard a past disturbed temperature that prevented an accurate interpretation of your data.

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