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Sympto Learning Program: Daisy +

175,00 CHF each


The must-have for ecological and effective contraception using the symptothermal method!

A counselor will accompany you for six months via the message box while you chart on sympto. This is to guide you to becoming competent in charting so that you will be able to practice ecological contraception. You become proficient in symptothermal charting as you study our Guide (free download); your counselor regularly validates your chart entries. During this learning phase contraceptive efficacy is guaranteed. You have premium access (i.e. web access) on to all your cycle charts. This access allows you to share your charts in online women’s groups, such as Facebook Symptothermie (French).

In the beginning, depending on the evolution of your cycle, you must use protection. Your counselor will let you know when your fertile phase has come to an end and you can have unprotected intercourse. After six months the Foundation will issue you your sympto certification. This validates your competence and you will then be able to observe your fertility independently, provided you invested yourself in the learning process.   

Goals: Fertility Awareness, tracking and con firming your ovulations , effective natural contraception  and achieving pregnancy by discovering the most fertile days , platform for tracking daily remarks during pregnancy and special program for breastfeeding  and for pré-menopause  

Safe storage of all charts, dating back to 2000. Ready to be printed out in pdf format. Your charts can be posted on forums or sent to your OBGYN via email for discussion.

If you purchase a Margaret package (299 CHF) after completion of your Daisy + Learning Program you will have  permanent Premium access to your charts! If you wish just 1 - 2 years Premium access, the Daisy Premium (45 CHF) will be cheaper. But if you stay more than 3 years on, the Marguerite is your solution.

You can also purchase an non limited Premium acces by taking a second Daisy PLUS/Learnig programm: after a one year follow up sympto will offer your the non limited Premium access.

Our charting apps are separate from your counseling subscription. You must find them in your Google or App store and purchase them, if applicable, directly there. Here an overview of the sympto apps:

sympto PLUS (Google Play) or sympto free (AppStore/Windows). This transforms your mobile device/smartphoe into a genuine, independent and powerful fertility indicator.

  ios-logosympto free: iPhone/Windows, continuous access, free of charge, internet connection always required to run

  logo_android sympto PLUS standalone app for Android (Google Play Store), symbolic price, continuous access. Runs without internet connection. Only occasional syncing required.

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