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Symptothermal counseling: DISCOVERY

70,00 CHF each


This Counseling Discovery service is recommended in the following situations :

  • You are a beginner. Your counselor will guide you, according to your needs, as you learn the principles of the method.
  • Validation of your cycle charts: you have been charting for several months and want to have your observations checked. You may be self-taught, for example, but would like a counselor to help you improve your level of competence.
  • Spring Cleaning: A counselor can help you fix your cycle charts: by entering additional data, correcting temperatures, etc. so that you will be able to track your fertile signs more accurately as you discover and understand the principles of sympto.

Counseling takes place via Skype, phone, Google HangOuts, etc. Your counselor can see your charts as soon as you have purchased your counseling package and she will suggest and illustrate any necessary corrections.

Many women find that their well-being is directly related to their cycle events! Working with a counselor can save you a trip to the doctor and benefits your all-around health. Very often, your cycle will become more predictable after a few months of charting! Do not fret if you don’t have a 28-day cycle! Only about 12% of women have this cycle length! As long as your cycle stays within a 6-day variance of itself per year, your cycle is considered regular.


  • 3/4 hour counseling on the phone, via Skype, Whatsup, etc.
  • 30 days of Premium Access (i.e. web access to your charts on
  • 30 days of communication via the sympto message box with your counselor: confirmation of your three full stars (i.e. closing of your fertile window), and two replies per week to your questions. The message box remains open to you for all technical concerns indefinitely.


After your Learning etc. programm, you wish to discuss severa cycle issues with your counselor. You are welcome to contact your former counselor and take a direct counseling, but at the price of your counselor, which can be different from the sympto price, higher or lover. This kind of counseling happens outside the sympto offers and is highly recommended for long temr users.