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Terms and conditions

sympto features:

  • sympto complies with the European and Swiss legislation about personal data security.
  • The sympto app (TM) is a medical device, classe I. Its main feature it is an electronic learning tool that enables healthy women to take charge of their fertility in all gynecological situations: fertility awareness (ovulation), effective, ecological contraception, also during breastfeeding and pre-menopause, as well as pregnancy achievement and monitoring during pregnancy.
  • Information on this site is not meant to substitute for the advice of a physician or medical professional and should not be not used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • The SymptoTherm Foundation offers counseling that will guide you on your path to cycle literacy. We do recommend you study the Manual 'The Complete Symptothermal Guide' available on our website for download free of charge. If you do not want to study the Learning Manual on your own, you have the option of contacting a symptothermal counselor. There will be a fee set by her for this service.
  • If you choose unlimited access to, there will always be a consultation service included. 'Unlimited' means that the access on your account is guaranteed as long as the SymptoTherm Foundation can uphold this service. In case of an accident within our principal server, we decline all liability. However, your data is regularly backed up on a second server. If you do not use your unlimited account for more than one year, is entitled to demand a reactivation fee before use. An unlimited account cannot be transferred: will cancel all unlimited accounts whenever the email address has changed, unless this change has been approved by The client cannot delete her account because of possible abuse but she can ask to deactivate it. The SymptoTherm Foundation does not sell any of your data to third parties. The client can delete all her data.
  • If you lose your cell phone, all data which you have transferred and thus saved to your account can be retrieved. All your data is treated confidentially. Sync your data weekly to have it backed up in your web account. You may incur transmission costs for synchronization if you are using an older generation device. Theses costs are negligible and displayed in your account.
  • Your account provides you with a full chart of your cycle. The cell phone chart cannot display the complete representation of all your cycle data but it offers all the features of your home account on
  • We recommend that you print out your charts periodically as soon as your cycle is completed. The charts provide you with a permanent record of your gynecological history. You can send them to whoever you like for discussion and analysis either as an attachment or via a internet link that you have to activate in the settings of your account. The chart is the only serious basis for discussion whenever you are concerned about irregular cycles or other problems. It contains valuable information.
  • While keeping your identity totally confidential, the website may use your data for statistical purposes in order to improve knowledge of the female cycle and to disseminate the effectiveness of the Symptothermy.

Additional service features if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

Whenever you suspend your observations because of a pregnancy or any other reason, your contract continus according to your payment. sympto is still useful as it can become your pregnancy diary. it also indicates the probable day of your delivery.

When your contract expires, your cycles start being deleted as follows: the system always stores the previous 360 days. If, for example, you resume your observations on the 11th month after a pause of several months, your last cycle will still be there and the data stored in you cycle chart will serve as a basis for the future. But once a year has elapsed, we cannot guarantee you the storage of the files.


No woman or couple can ever be absolutely certain of avoiding an unwanted pregnancy. Even the best contraception can fail. In such a case, the woman or the couple has to decide on their own whether they want to take responsibility for the child. We do not accuse anybody of actively promoting abortion. Teenagers who do not have regular biphasic cycles can use sympto,ch to improve their fertility awareness (knowledge about ovulation) but not for contraceptive purposes. does not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases. The system has been developed by Symptotherm Foundation, according to article 4 of its Foundation chart, in order to improve and facilitate the learning process and make the use of the STM more attractive. The system makes cycle observations easier but it does not make them redundant: the woman remains the only person responsible for her observations. F. i. she must know how and when she has to discard problematic temperatures. The SymptoTherm Basics booklet contains the elementary information about the female cycle needed to fully understand the User's Manual and the FAQ of this website.

Symptotherm Foundation can change the User's Manual (Learning Manual) at any time without any previous warning according to the system?s adaptations to its environment.

The fertility indications processed by all aim at the same goal: facilitating and enhancing women's self-observations. The system offers an output of the information that the woman has previously entered. She fully takes charge of her input. She also can and sometimes has to change past values according to the STM principles and practice, but she endorses full responsibility for her modifications.

Scientific records

The symptothermal laws describe the biological processes of the female cycle and are explained our Manuals and in any symptothermal guide. The principle of cross-checking at the beginning and the end of the fertility span are based on the internationally recognized German and Austrian NFP/INER schools. The double system of internal and external cervical fluid observation is inspired by A Couple's Guide to Fertility, The Complete Symptothermal Method, Rose Fuller and Rev. J. Huneger, Northwest Family Services, Portland, Oregon. (This book is the American extension of the INER approach developed by J. Rötzer.) The option allowing the user to focus either on the temperature signs only or on the cervical fluid observations (Billings mode) is an innovation of our Foundation, as is the interchangeability of the vaginal sensation level and the cervix examination. We also have reformulated the symptothermal laws in our Manuals and introduced into sympto educational tools for beginners (motivation messages, daily recommendations, error messages). The entry board for the daily observations as well as the design of cycle charts are our copyright.

When used correctly, the sympto fertility indicator will not display 'false negative' results. This means that the system does not display 'infertile' when the cycle is still in its fertility window, according to the symptothermal standards. 'Correct use' means that the observation quality of the woman has been validated out of at least 6 cycles on sympto: either she has introduced 6 of her former cycles when opening an account (which are checked by the sympto administration) or by 6 new learning cycles, monitored by a sympto counsellor. Thus, the risk of an unwanted pregnancy is eliminated. sympto application is very close to the perfect 'classic' use, i.e. comparable to the competent and conscientious manual user. However, sympto displays false positive results in the beginning of the cycle just like the classic NFP use. This means that for the sake of effectiveness, it declares certain days as fertile which in fact are not. The number of false positive days will decrease after 12 cycles of observation, again according to the German NFP-standards. It is however possible that sympto might not be able to detect all temperature rise scenarios, especially if they are exceptional and complicated. These exceptions will generate more false positive days within the cycle.

Terms and conditions for purchasing books and thermometers

Your order is processed within the next 3 working days after your purchase transaction. The product is shipped by ordinary mail within the next 7 working days. The shipment destination is the address indicated with your order. In the event that the product is not received due to a postal error, SymptoTherm Foundation does not endorse any liability. There will be no refund if SymptoTherm can prove that the product has been sent correctly. Shipment and packing costs are indicated for each article. Not included in these costs are duty fees or local taxes.
Your payment has SSL security according the safety standards of Saferpay SA.

Privacy of

The website guarantees the perfectly confidential management of all your personal cycles. It presents your cycles on coloured and styled chart that can be printed out. It investigates the statistics in order to improve the application sympto and it encourages you to download the up dates. guarantees to keep the stock of at least your last 12 cycles or the last 360 days. Even if you do not synchronize during several months you can start all over again or continue as long as your account is active.

Without being asked, administrators avails himself of the right to check your cycles and to make any suggestions that might improve your cycle observations. The traceability of all modifications made by the user on her cycle chart is guaranteed. The counsellor can supervise these modifications in the back office. The service quality is thus fulfilled as well as the conditions for making scientific or clinic studies.

Copyright 2008

Unless otherwise indicated, all rights to this website and the information therein, including copyrights and other intellectual property rights, are owned by Symptotherm Foundation. The domain name sympto.*** is an intellectual property of Symptotherm Foundation and cannot be used as a site name which promotes natural conception regulation (natural family planning) or Fertility Awareness.

The formula which are integrated into the sympto soft ware are relatively easy and based on well known biological laws. However, the design of the, which also takes fully into account irregular and non ovulatory cycles, is very complex and protected by the copy right of Symptotherm Foundation. The copy right encloses the following elements: Fertility indication, the sympto engine and its algorithms, the site, the icon language on the cycle chart and on the overall site. This enumeration is not conclusive.

The code source of sympto is available on request and for free as long as the mission of the Foundation SymptoTherm is respected.

There is now an open source version of the sympto code available on demand.

Users are permitted to read the website and the information therein and make copies for their personal use, for example by printing or storing it. All other uses of the website or the information, for example the storage or reproduction of (a part of) the website of Symptotherm Foundation in any external internet site or the creation of links, hypertext links or deeplinks between the website of Symptotherm Foundation and any other internet site is prohibited without the express written consent of Symptotherm Foundation. We are not liable for the contents of linked sites and pages.

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