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The Complete Symptothermal Guide

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Here our new manual:

The Complete Symptothermal Guide: Ecological Birth Control & Pregnancy Achievement

where you can learn the method quickly and thoroughly. This exceptional and revolutionary manual is offered by the Foundation for free in order to help women and men discover the symptothermal method of conception regulation. With your donation to the Foundation, you actively foster this women's cause.You can also support the Foundation directly by buying a paper copy on Amazon.

You can download this manual free of charge onto your computer or onto your Smartphone. You will need Adobe reader from the AppStore or Google Play.

We suggest you watch the video clips about contraception and conception first, and then print this new manual. You are not alone in learning this natural way of fertility understanding and you can contact one of our sympto counselors at any time. You may also be able to meet with a symptothermal counselor in your area. She can advise you and instruct you according to your needs and encourage you. enables you to take charge of your fertility in all gynecological situations, also during breastfeeding and peri-menopause and to precisely identify your fertile and infertile days. It is our philosophy that sympto will enable you to become master of your cycle!

The data you enter into solely depends on the accuracy of your own observations. We encourage you to learn how your cycle works by reading the manual. Also study the scientific literature referenced in the chapter Clinical Tests. You are responsible for the truthfulness of your own observations that provide the calculation material for the sympto engine. No electronic device will ever be able to 'correct' wrong observations!

To make it easy for you, sympto uses a Pilot Desk to display all essential information. It prompts you with instructions for what observations are due. The Manual explains how to modify disturbed temperatures. As long as you are still learning, you should stay in this Pilot Mode.

  • Here some motivation texts
  • The day on which you must resume and you can stop temperature measurements
  • At temperature rise, an encouragement not to miss the 3 temperatures
  • Peak day (probably the most fertile day of your cycle)
  • In case of pregnancy, the probable day of childbirth
  • Breast self examination
  • Etc.

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