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Today, no website can guarantee totally effective natural contraception and indicate your fertile window as precisely as can. On other sites, you have to have already mastered the SymptoThermal Method (STM, scientific designation) or NFP, Natural Familiy Planning (the catholic designation), and be able to interpret your chart on your own. The only function available to you there is an electronic version of your chart. Be very careful about what you are promised on those sites! You can learn the most advanced STM/NFP, called Symptothermy, on your own by studying our Learning Manual "The Complete Symptothermal Guide" that you can download free of charge from our website, There you can find everything you need for free to chart on paper in the traditional, aka, the 'classic' way. 

If you chart manually you may still want to enter your past cycles into sympto. Simply create a test account and sympto will interpret your cycles for you! It is as accurate and faster than any symptothermal expert!  Sympto guarantees contraceptive effectiveness by identifying your fertile window with precision. This effectiveness commences after six months of cycles have been entered. sympto's interpretation depends largely on your diligence and competence in entering your daily observations. Please study our Learning Manual "The Complete Symptothermal Guide" that is available free of charge for download from our website. We recommend you touch base with a sympto counselor especially during your learning phase. 

Many women still confuse the Symptothermy with the outdated and ineffective calendar or rhythm methods, or the mucus-only Billings method. The modern Symptothermy requires temperature recording and cervical fluid observations to perform a cross-check that gives this method its high effectiveness. Don't fall for illusory ovulation-predicting programs. 

If  you decide to learn STM on your own we congratulate you! Our Foundation's objective is to promote the learning of this method to improve women's well-being. In this regard, we are pleased with your independence. Please do tell other women about the method. It is a great discovery for many! Owing to the 'discreet' use of past and present symptothermal users, the STM is still misunderstood by the public as well as by medical doctors (including sexual education services, public health, etc.). Your knowledge brings with it a responsibility to proclaim the method's effectiveness. Show others that you have courage and that you have found confidence in your body!

For your personal use, print the empty cycle chart as well as our Learning Manual. You will find everything you need on our website to start charting manually and correctly. It is also possible to contact a symptothermal expert by looking up your region on the worldwide counselor list. As a member of you can be matched with a counselor wherever you are worldwide through our mesage box system.